Integrated Logistics Services.

Container Terminal Services.

Dry and Liquid Bulk Terminal Facilities.

Gateway to Tinapa, Calabar Free Trade Zone, and land locked African countries (Chad & Niger Republic).

Supply Base Facilities to the Oil and Gas Industry.

General Cargo Operation.

Equipment, Warehouse, and Open space leasing.

Cargo Handling Equipment

With huge investment in cargo handling equipment, our vessel productivity has improved from days and weeks to hours with an average of 22 moves per hour.

Below are equipment available for cargo delivery services;

65 Tons Terex Mobile Crane (1pc)

45 Tons Kalmar Reachstacker (4pcs)

10 Tons Kalmar Reachstacker (2pcs)

10Tons Kalmar Forklift (2pcs)

6 Tons Kalmar Forklift (1pc)

6 Tons Nissan Forklift (2pcs)

4 Tons Hyster Forklift (1pc)

3.5 Tons JBC Forklift (1pc)

3 Tons Nissan Forklift (1pc)

40' Semi Automatic Spreader - 40 Ton SWL (1pc)

30' Semi Automatic Spreader - 30 Ton SWL (1pc)